C4A (Care4Animals): short and medium chain fatty acids (C4, C8, C10 and/or C12). These acids are combined on a glycerol backbone into a single molecule by complete esterification, which allows for easy handling while eliminating bad odour and masking bad taste. This structure is self-protected and allows release in the intestine ensuring maximum effect.

Natural broad-spectrum antibacterial effect in the gut. The protection of these esterified fatty acids through the stomach achieves a balance of bacteria by maintaining the growth of a quality intestinal flora. Thus, better gut health promotes better immunity and intestinal permeability. Reducing antibiotic treatment, improving FCR, reducing mortality and increasing profitability.

It is available in two presentations, powder and liquid (emulsion):

-Powder (C4A-D):
- 70% fatty acid content
- Dosage: 1-2kg/t feed

-Liquid (C4A-L):
- 60% fatty acid content
- Dosage: 600ml /1000 L of water

Species: Pigs, Poultry, Ruminants, Aquaculture.

Manufacturer: Clarys