ActiBeet Green


ActiBeet® is a special feed ingredient that combines non-toxic, stable and GMO- free features, to create a high quality product, suitable for conventional and organic farming.

ActiBeet® is a natural and GMO-free feed ingredient for improved animal performance and carcass quality, and better production efficiency.

Betaine is a multi-functional nutrient that exerts a number of important physiological functions at the gastrointestinal and metabolic level. Betaine is acting as an efficient methyl group donor and as an organic osmolyte, with direct influence on the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and health.

ActiBeet®- is a nutritional aid supporting a better nutrient utilization, higher performance and carcass quality, increasing the production efficiency.

ActiBeet® Green for organic feed/premix production: 96% betaine content + anti-caking agent suitable for organic feed production. 

Distribuiton only for Spain.